Woodlake Drive Extension

Year Completed:

Chesapeake, Virginia



award-project-woodlakeSummary: The project, located in Chesapeake just north of and parallel to I-64, extends Woodlake Drive from its original terminus west to the intersection with Battlefield Blvd. Woodlake Drive Extension was a public project for the City of Chesapeake and included 8 acres of clearing and grubbing through wet marshy wooded terrain, demolition of existing roadway, removal and or abandonment of existing drainage pipe, 73,000 CY of earthwork, 9,000 tons of base stone, 1,400 LF of 10” & 12” DI water line, 160 LF of 24” steel casing, 1,400 LF of PVC casing, 3,900 LF of 12” thru 54” RCP storm drain, 35 storm structures, 8,000 LF of curb & gutter, 6,000 tons of asphalt, traffic signage, pavement markings, associated erosion control, and final site restoration and seeding. The contract, in the amount of $3,100,000 was completed September 2015.

530 Woodlake Circle
Chesapeake, VA 23320